10 Ways to Persuade Yourself to get to the Gym


10 ways to persuade yourself to get to the gym...

Are you sat thinking about if you should go to the gym (staring into the distance as per the tenuous photo link?! ) Thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn’t and how you don’t have any energy?

If so, to motivate you here’s 10 ways that might help to give you a nudge to get yourself in the gym...

  1. Tell yourself you’ll just do 20-30 mins. Once you’re in there your energy might change and you might be inspired to train for longer.

  2. Just do 20-30 mins. 30 mins 4 times per week = 2hrs/wk = 8hrs/mth compared to if you didn’t go at all. Definitely better than nothing.

  3. Think of something fun you want to do and start with that. If you like deadlifts start with that first, for me I like practicing handstands, they help to get me warm and then I often feel more motivated to continue after I’ve done them.

  4. Think of how you’ll feel after. People normally feel great after a workout so focus your energy on the feeling of satisfaction and release of endorphins.

  5. Think of all the times you have been annoyed that you can’t train eg. due to injury or time or illness. So if you really don’t have a good reason to get there seize the day and appreciate the fact that you can!

  6. Drag a friend with you for motivation. Working out with a partner can make it more fun and if you’ve arranged beforehand it can help motivate you to make it in there!

  7. Just decide you’ll go and do some stretching / mobility / foam rolling. If that’s all you do then it’s still had a good effect on your body. If once there and moving you might be inspired to workout...

  8. Book a class - then at least once you’re there you have to think no more. (Eg Girls Who Lift or the beginners workshop)!

  9. Think of some tunes you haven’t listened to in a while and crank them up. Motivational music in the gym can do wonders to your mood.

  10. Think of all the indulgence that may happen over the festive period / weekend etc - damage limitation. Enough said. 

Let me know if any of these work for you...!

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