Strength Training for Strong Bones

As we age we lose the ability to build bone, therefore our bone mass will naturally decrease unless we do something to maintain / preserve or increase our bone mass.

Strength training offers a solution by strengthening your bones which reduces the risk of osteopenia, osteoporosis and fractures (which can often occur because of the later).

Bone is living tissue. If you put pressure on it and make it work it has the ability to adapt and become stronger. When we strength train our muscles apply tension to our bones making them adapt to this force by becoming stronger and increasing in density.

Lifting heavy weights (as per the photo) is one way to strength train but even using lighter weights, resistance bands, body weight movements, suspension training, or cable machines etc all do the same job of challenging your muscles and therefore stimulating your bones to becoming stronger.

Let us know your thoughts! If you want to learn how to strength train you can try our Girls Who Lift classes in Wandsworth, London or have 1-2-1 personal training sessions either in person or via zoom.

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