Who Should Lift Weights?


Ever wondered if weight training is for you? 🤔

Lifting weights is suitable for those who…

🔥 Want to feel strong! Not only in the gym but mentally strong too! (Feeling strong is great and it’s also quite handy whilst getting through every day life!)

🔥Want to change their body composition. Lifting weights can help build muscle (tone up) whilst reducing body fat. 

🔥Want to help protect against muscle loss as they age. It happens to us all! As they say… use it or lose it! Let’s keep strong and mobile! 💪

🔥Want to do a form of exercise which they can see visible progress doing - not only will you see your body shape change you’ll be able to track how much stronger you’re getting. 

🔥Want to feel like a confident bad-ass in the gym. There’s a great feeling about busting out some chin ups (like Liz in the photo) and not caring about what other people think.

Why do you weight train…?

Let me know if any questions…

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