The Benefits of Weight Training



Equality in the weights room! #IWD2020

In the hope to inspire other women and to celebrate International Women’s Day I asked the ladies who come to my Girls Who Lift class why they weight train and what they like about it.
There’s many reasons so I’ve listed some here too:

  • To make you feel good!
    The feeling of becoming stronger can make you feel confident and empowered! Endorphins from exercise can improve your mood and turn your day around – especially if you train at lunch when people are often stressed and need an energy re-vamp.

  • To help you to look great
    Weight training helps to build muscle and if you want to look ‘toned’ with sculpted, firm muscles weight training could be for you.

  • To stay healthy....

    Weight training can help you to keep fit, burn fat and lose weight. It also improves your metabolism and increases bone density helping prevent osteoporosis, reduces blood pressure and may protect against many chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

    ...through pregnancy
    Even through pregnancy it’s often beneficial for women to continue to weight train. This will not only help with posture, aches and pains it will increase strength making life easier during pregnancy, birth and post partum.

    ...into your later years
    Weight training can help preserve muscle mass which declines with age and improve balance helping to reduce the risk of falls. With increased bone density if falls do happen being stronger can help reduce injury and promote recovery.

  • To look after your body
    Weight training can help to keep your body strong, mobile and improve joint stability and posture. It is a great prevention towards pain and getting injured. Training your glutes for example can help to avoid pain and injury in both the knees and back.

  • To become stronger
    Being stronger not only makes you feel empowered and confident but can be handy for day to day life. Activities such as getting out of the bath and climbing stairs can be made easier by being stronger.
If you’d like to learn how to use weights effectively do get in touch.
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