So I started going to GWL back in January, someone who was fairly shy and even shier in the gym - never would I dare stroll into the weights section!

Not only does Abi create a great atmosphere and makes you feel welcome, but the classes are a great opportunity to meet like minded ladies who also wouldn't want to exercise in the weights section alone! This means I finally have a few gym buddies!!!

Before starting the classes, my shoulders were so so weak and I remember using the shoulder press and only being able to maybe lift 9kg a few times. As of yesterday, this number is now 32kg! Aside from this, I have been able to learn the correct way of performing certain exercises instead of going it alone.

I can't praise this class enough, so thank you Abi for doing what you do!

Great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon at the beginners workshop. Hard work, but I enjoyed it, the 2 hours went by in a flash. Abi is a no nonsense, down to earth trainer. Would certainly recommend her.

Very fun and challenging workouts, hope it will become available every day of the week! Thanks for keeping us challenged!

Abi Abi Abi. A glint in her eye, a cheeky smile and a bark of 'you can squat lower than that' with a rocking Yorkshire accent is what motivates me every week. The Girls Who Lift sessions are great for a number of reasons.
1. you get out of bed and start your day early
2. you learn how to lift correctly
3. you train with other inspiring women
4. there is nowhere to hide, your weights get increased, your reps pushed to the max and your form continually noticed and corrected.

Girls Who Lift classes have made me stronger, given me more body confidence and are lots of fun.
Within 6 months I was no longer falling over and I was confidently going up and down stairs. Now after a year, I am stronger and more confident plus I’ve gone down a dress size without changing my diet.
This is the best exercise class I have ever done and I will continue to keep on coming!

Larissa - Girls Who Lift Testimonial

I already feel stronger and I'm looking forward to amazing myself with what my body can do. The sessions are fun and small enough so you get the benefit of Abi's pointers on the right technique as well as her 'prompts' to keep pushing on - helpful when you think you can't do it. A great class that does what it says on the tin and affordable too.

Great atmosphere with other ladies and top notch tuition in how to lift properly with correct form from Abi!

I’ve been going to these classes for a couple of years and I am hooked still. It’s a small group session so a good environment to hone technique and the gym is great too. Abi is a brilliant instructor, really attentive and her classes are never boring. Would recommend for beginners and seasoned lifters alike.

Great afternoon at the beginners workshop learning the basics of working out with weights. Feeling the burn today but it’s inspired me to keep going. Abi is great, she spends time with each of us to improve our technique to ensure we’re getting the most out of the exercises. Can’t wait for the next class!

Absolutely love my sessions with Abi! Have been part of her Girls who Lift group since Feb 2014 and I look forward to my session every week! Just the right amount of fun, and pressure to get the best out of myself!

A really fun and low pressure way to get into weights. The classes made me feel so much more confident to enter the weights room at my regular gym

Abi's GWL classes are loads of fun, even at 6:30am! It's given me loads of confidence to go to the gym and use the weights area and to perfect better techniques within my workouts - Abi is extremely personal, she makes each week different, she will work you hard but in a fun environment and you'll thank her later!