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Meet Girls Who Lift Founder Abi Hardy

We thought we'd write a quick introduction about Abi Hardy for those who haven’t met her in person…Abi started Girls Who Lift classes over 8 years ago to help inspire and encourage women to love the joy of lifting weights. Realising many women felt intimidated in the weight section of gyms, she started Girls Who Lift to create a welcoming class to educate and coach women how to lift weights with a focus on technique and progressive overload. Abi’s classes welcome women of all levels and she strives to reassure even new members that there’s always options for every exercise regardless of their strength or current capabilities.Due to the success of the classes, Abi launched her Girls Who Lift range targeted at...

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2022 News Year's Resolutions for the Gym

🔥 2022 Resolutions - What Are Yours?🔥 With a new year comes new resolutions & fresh motivation. Health and fitness are often featured as key priorities on the list! Here’s some suggestions I wanted to make to help improve your goals…⭐️ Be realistic - aiming to work out an hour per day every day of the week is often too ambitious especially if you’re just starting out. If you’re a beginner to the gym aim for 2-3 times per week to start with. Get into a routine and schedule workouts in your diary. Make them non-negotiable! ⭐️ Focus on your gym goals and your weight goals will follow. Try focussing on a performance goal eg. do a pull up, do...

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Why Weight...? What's stopping you from starting weight training today?

Why Weight...? Excuse the pun... couldn’t help myself! What’s stopping you from starting to get stronger? Getting stronger can not only make your confidence soar, make everyday life activities easier, keep your body healthy (eg maintain or improve bone density) it can also make you look and feel great!  Improving your strength using a combination of body weight and external loads (such as barbells and dumbbells) can give you something positive to focus on rather than just a number on the scales.   Getting stronger enables you to look after your body whilst working on your aesthetic goals at the same time. What’s not to like?!  So what’s stopping you? Let me know in the comments below… If you need help...

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