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Why Weight...? What's stopping you from starting weight training today?

Why Weight...? Excuse the pun... couldn’t help myself! What’s stopping you from starting to get stronger? Getting stronger can not only make your confidence soar, make everyday life activities easier, keep your body healthy (eg maintain or improve bone density) it can also make you look and feel great!  Improving your strength using a combination of body weight and external loads (such as barbells and dumbbells) can give you something positive to focus on rather than just a number on the scales.   Getting stronger enables you to look after your body whilst working on your aesthetic goals at the same time. What’s not to like?!  So what’s stopping you? Let me know in the comments below… If you need help...

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Knowledge Nuggets - Things to Consider when Returning to Exercise After Giving Birth

  Welcome to Knowledge Nuggets! Bite sized chats to pick the brains of experts - helping you to live your best life inside and outside of the gym! In this nugget I chat to Laura Tilson, an osteopath specialising in women’s health and paediatrics. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Below is a summary of the topics we discuss… 1. ACKNOWLEDGE - the huge changes that have happened through your body – from the stretch of the soft tissues of your abdomen to the change in your gait, the laxity through your ligaments, changes in your spinal curves, changes in your physiology (heart rate, metabolic rate, breathing rate), the impact breast feeding maybe continuing to...

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